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Find How To Email Html. Search a wide range of information from across the web with trackdownmore.co HTML - Email Links, It is not difficult to put an HTML email link on your webpage but it can cause unnecessary spamming problem for your email account HTML Email Links, Es ist nicht schwierig, eine HTML-E-Mail-Link auf Ihrer Homepage zu setzen, aber es können unnötige Spamming Problem für Ihre E-Mail-Konto When a user clicks on the Mailto link, the default email client on the visitor's computer opens and suggests sending a message to the email address mentioned in So far, our HTML commands tell the web browser what email address to link to, and to add a subject/cc/bcc. The closing bracket > tells the web browser that there

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Mailto-Link erstellen: So codiert ihr den E-Mail-Verweis im Quelltext. Und so gebt ihr den E-Mail-Verweis als Mailto-Link in das HTML-Gerüst eurer Webseite HTML mailto link. mailto: HTML email link, what is it, how to create, examples and code generator. What is mailto link? How to create mailto link in Create the email HTML Code using a mailto hyperlink - the HTML email link code that opens someone's email software (like Microsoft Outlook for instance) Es besteht jedoch keinerlei Garantie, dass alle Möglichkeiten in allen Browsern und allen Kombinationen mit E-Mail-Programmen funktionieren. Einige Clients übernehmen Dieser Code verlinkt den Text Mit HTML einen Link erstellen im Inhaltsverzeichnis direkt mit dem Kapitel 2: Mit HTML einen Link erstellen. E-Mail-Adresse

Mit einem mailto-Link können neben der E-Mail-Adresse auch Betreff, Kopie, Blindkopie und Nachrichteninhalt voreingestellt werden HTML email links code - How to add a subject, body text and other cool stuff. Posted on 12th October 2013 20th November 2016 by Zaposphere. This post will explain

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Um per HTML-Code einen Link einfügen zu können, der auf eine andere Webseite führt, müssen Sie nur den richtigen Tag kennen. In unserem Praxistipp lesen Sie, wie No surprise at all! This is an example of an HTML code from a regular marketing email. Those of you who know HTML will recognize this immediately; while others Simple HTML Form that Triggers an Email.--> This sample HTML code will create a form that asks for the contact's name, email, and message, and includes a Basic HTML Codes . The following Codes are used in the body of the web page. Use this code to add a Link to a page: <a href=http:// Internet URL goes here.

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  1. I am building emails in VBA and would like to define the overall font for the body of the email. I would also provide text that would actually be a hyperlink, such
  2. Loved By Over 2 Million Marketers at 250,000 Businesses Around The World. Learn Why You Should Trust Campaign Monitor For Your Email Marketing
  3. Mail and Outlook.com) strip away the code and apply their own, it is a good practice to include this in your email template HTML code. Even though you are free to choose between XHTML 1.0, Transitional XHTML 1.0, and Strict HTML5, most email developers worth their salt use Transitional XHTML 1.0
  4. Step 3: Code your Add to Calendar links into your email. Before we get to the really fun part (coding!), you need to decide how you're going to present your Add to Calendar link. Decide how to display your Add to Calendar button. As we mentioned earlier, traditionally, there are multiple Add to Calendar links along with the ICS file button.

No surprise at all! This is an example of an HTML code from a regular marketing email. Those of you who know HTML will recognize this immediately; while others will wonder what this gibberish is. The example is only a small section of a marketing email. This code, as you might understand, does not contain images and colorful backgrounds Simple HTML Form that Triggers an Email.--> This sample HTML code will create a form that asks for the contact's name, email, and message, and includes a button to submit to form. Another. This macro lets you edit or completely replace the HTML message you are composing and prevent it from being modified by WordHTML. For the macro code and step-by-step usage instructions see; Edit the HTML source code while composing a message in Outlook. Email HTML Editor for Outlook dialog with the HTML of a new email message HTML email buttons that work. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign up Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. elidickinson / html_email_buttons_1.html. Last active Sep 7, 2021. Star 64 Fork 8 Star Code Revisions 7 Stars 64 Forks 8. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist. Use this tool to generate HTML link code. Select link type: Text link Image link Email link Named anchor link. Enter link text: Enter URL to link to: Set CSS link style: Normal link: color: - hex code - Aqua Black Blue Fuchsia Gray Green Lime Magenta Maroon Navy Olive Purple Red Silver Teal White Yellow

I used the code from Ron De Bruine website, I modified small part of the code to fit my purpose. However, the code for add hyperlink into my HTML body doesn't work. The Hyperlink is our intranet webpage. I highlighted the code for add hyperlink in yellow. After I execute the code, there was no website address there for me to click. any advis Its a lot simpler than all this, you dont need to edit code. You click into online store > pages. Click on the page you want to edit, and add in your email address wherever you'd like it. Highlight the email address and click on the link button. In the 'link to' section, you add in mailto: [input your email address]. An example is below Help! Need to push out this email campaign now. CSS not supported in some email clients, so I need to set inline styles for the text links. Can't seem to get it right. CSS below. My attempt at. I am building emails in VBA and would like to define the overall font for the body of the email. I would also provide text that would actually be a hyperlink, such as: go to this our SharePoint site and it would go to that site, or People names that would be a <mailto> link. I currently have the text formatted in a .oft outlook html template but when it displays no formatting is maintained Mobile Browser können bei bestimmten Zahlenangaben automatisch einen tel:-Link generieren - selbst dann, wenn es sich lediglich um die Angabe von Seitenzahlen (z. B. S. 1234-1238) handelt. Für diese Fälle könnte es ratsam sein, vorsorglich einen CSS-Code zu generieren, um den Browser-generierten Code zu überschreiben, z. B. durch a[href^=tel:]

Have you ever created an account with a website and been required to check your email and click a verification link sent by the company in order to activate it? Doing so highly reduces the number.. Please make sure your email link works! To test it, use the popup window link. Some of the options are incompatible with each other. I tried to make warnings appear when conflicts occur, but I may not have caught them all. Step 1: Email Address. Please enter your email address here. You can feel safe about typing it in here because all of the processing is done on your computer and it does not. How to create anchor links in an email. Good news! Adding an anchor link in your email campaign is easier than you might think. All you need is a basic know-how of the HTML link structure of your anchor links. As we'll see, an anchor link is made up of two parts: the URL link and the actual anchor tag that the link is jumping to in your. The two files we're going to be looking at are signup_template.html and signup_template.txt. Swift lets us assign an HTML as well as a TXT version of the email incase the users email client doesn't support HTML emails. Open up signup_template.html Note: You can read up on HTML in emails over at carsonified. We aren't going to be editing this.

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The maximum number of characters (as UTF-16 code units) the user can enter into the email input. This must be an integer value 0 or higher. If no maxlength is specified, or an invalid value is specified, the email input has no maximum length. This value must also be greater than or equal to the value of minlength.. The input will fail constraint validation if the length of the text value of. Follow these steps to learn how to add HTML source code to a new email: On the Main toolbar, click the drop-down arrow, then select the Mail option. Click the Compose button. On the Mail toolbar, click the More drop-down arrow, then select the Rich Text option. In the text editing toolbar, click the Source Code icon to enter your HTML source code Designing HTML emails for outlook it is definitely not a best practice. Outlook is designed to support only a sub-set of HTML 4, so some HTML tags are simply ignored. These tags are not removed.

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Creating an HTML email subscribe form. If you are coming from an email service provider such as Mailchimp, you will be familiar with the concept of HTML-based email forms. These forms allow you to collect a subscriber or customer's email address, name, and other (custom) details easily using a little HTML on your website. Vero subscribe form Alternatively, How to Code HTML Emails for Any Device is a very thorough guide on building a reliable HTML email template, and how to test it — along with a hands-on example of building a newsletter template from scratch. In general, that's a very solid overview of everything you need to know to get started on the right foot. Jason Rodriguez has a detailed video course on HTML Email (not. HTML Colors; HTML Images ; This article explains how to create a link from one page to another. It also outlines the different types of hyperlinks. Links, otherwise known as hyperlinks, are defined using the <a> tag — otherwise known as the anchor element. To create a hyperlink, you use the <a> tag in conjunction with the href attribute How to send email directly from your HTML form? It would have been a nice feature for a web developer if the browsers let them route the form submission directly to an email address. But this is not the case. The reason is that if the browsers allowed emailing directly from the form page, that will reveal the visitors email address. A malicious hacker can collect the email address of the.

Links auf andere Seiten - externe Links. Bei einem externen Link muss die komplette URL angegeben werden. Also sowohl Dienstart, Servername und eventuell Unterverzeichnisse, wenn diese verwendet werden. Wenn es nicht die Startseite ist, dann auch den Dateinamen! Einfach und sicher fahren Sie, indem Sie die Seite, auf die Sie einen Link setzen. If you want to add html content to your email, url encode your html code for the message body and include it in your mailto link code, but trouble is you can't set the type of the email from this link from plaintext to html, the client using the link needs their mail client to send html emails by default. In case you want to test here is the. Here are a few tips for dealing with tables in an email. 1. Set widths in each cell rather than on the table. The combination of widths on the table, widths on the cells, HTML margins and padding, and CSS margins and padding can be chaotic. Simplify your code, and your life, by setting only on each cell If you're familiar with HTML code composing then you can adjust the code on the right. Being a free demonstration for the pro version, this tool has its limitations and it adds unwanted links to the edited documents. You can remove these manually before publishing the article. What Can You Do With This Online WYSIWYG Editor. The control panel above the HTML source editor lists the most. HTML codes to copy and paste. Copy and Paste the codes on to your page...For information on how to Copy and Paste Click Here Put your own text where it says text here

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  1. Insert hyperlink into email body with VBA code. The below VBA code can help to send email from Excel and insert specific hyperlink in the email body. Please do as follows. 1. Launch your workbook, press the Alt + F11 keys to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. 2
  2. HTML-Befehle (bzw. HTML-TAGs, HTML-Code) werden für Erstellung von Websites benötigt. Übersicht aller wichtigen HTML-Befehle (+ HTML5) u. Download
  3. 2. Margins do work in Outlook.com. Years ago, we believed that margins didn't work in Outlook.com. We later learned that wasn't quite true; thanks to a weird bug with Outlook.com, you needed to include a capital letter in your margin declaration. However, with the recent changes to Outlook.com, have made to their webmail, we're now happy to report that you can use margins just as you.
  4. The code will style link buttons with the class MyButton on all pages of a website. Rename MyButton to anything you want. Make as many different button styles as you want as long as each name is unique. This method saves time because only the stylesheet needs to be edited to make changes to all link buttons

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In the last article Python SMTP Send Email Example we had learnt how the email transfer from the internet to the receiver's email address, we have also learnt the basic source code to send email to SMTP server in Python program. In this article, we will tell you how to send more complex email content such as Html format content, image, and attachment through SMTP server You can use our free HTML templates as a quick construction for email templates, suitable for an HTML email, or a website layout and page HTML based on bootstrap templates for an online store. Need Free Website Templates? Site templates usually provided as HTML CSS templates perfectly suit various topics like an agency template and free HTML page portfolio or WordPress website templates. It.

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Once you have configured the code for your email link, go to Design > Content, select Embed Your Own HTML, and click Add This Module. Enter the code in the pop-up box and click OK. After rearranging your content, click Save Changes to update your blog. Encoding the email address to be linked. You can also generate code to secure your email address and prevent the email address from being. With a drag-and-drop editor, you can customize a template or start from scratch to build a beautiful, responsive HTML email in minutes.(Check out our blog po..

CoffeeCup Html-Editor. CoffeeCup ist ein Produkt, das es in einer kostenlosen und in einer kostenpflichtigen Version gibt. CoffeeCup Free ist ein reiner Code-Editor für HTML, Markdown und CSS. Er bietet Syntaxhighlighting und Autovervollständigung, sowie den integrierten Datentransfer auf deine Website per FTP.. Codeschnipsel verwalten Sie in einer entsprechenden Bibliothek The <a> HTML element (or anchor element), with its href attribute, creates a hyperlink to web pages, files, email addresses, locations in the same page, or anything else a URL can address. Content within each <a> should indicate the link's destination. If the href attribute is present, pressing the enter key while focused on the <a> element will activate it I selected the Text tab and added the email HTML. The text is now clickable and will open your email app. Adding Code to Open URLs. You can have the HTML to open any URL you want. This is good if you want to send readers to pages for newsletter signups, events, etc. In order to link to them, your HTML code will include the URL. For example You can compose an email message in QR code using either the mailto syntax that is used in HTML web pages or using the MATMSG identifier. To write an email message as a QR Code, you need to write it in the following format: MATMSG:TO: john@example.com; SUB: My comments on your story; BODY: I just finished reading your story on QR codes. [Insert feedback / comments here] Thanks [Your Name.

Anzeige. HTML steht für Hypertext Markup Language und ist eine der bekanntesten Auszeichnungssprachen. Um einen HTML-Code zu schreiben, ist es wichtig, dass Sie mit den bekanntesten HTML. Creating an HTML email template is a lot easier than it sounds. You don't even have to know how to code. Seriously. All you need is an email marketing provider.. These days, email providers have created numerous free templates for their customers to use for their email marketing campaigns

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My Code HTML Email site also has actual HTML emails I've downloaded and formatted so you can study to see how others created email. Step 1: Use HTML Tables for Layout That's right: tables are. Share Link Generator! Create Facebook share links, Twitter tweet this links, LinkedIn share links, Pinterest pin this links and email mailto links that will work anywhere — even inside emails! We're running old school here: no iframes or JavaScript required. Another tiny tool brought to you by Patrick St. John Use one of the following steps to save the document as an HTML document: PC: Use the drop-down menu next to Save as type: and select All Files (*,*). Then manually erase the .txt extension at the end fo the file name and replace it with .html. Mac: Click the drop-down menu next to File format at the bottom of the save window Emails can be pretty boring so I like to add my own bit of flair when I can. I do this by customizing my email signature with a unique design using HTML and CSS. I don't put too much information.

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  1. HTML Umlaute und Sonderzeichen darstellen. Bei Projekten kommt es häufig vor, dass man HTML-Umlaute und HTML-Sonderzeichen schreiben möchte. Wenn UTF-8 gerade nicht geht oder man lieber ganz sicher gehen möchte, dass die HTML-Umlaute bzw. HTML-Sonderzeichen richtig dargestellt werden, helfen die nachfolgenden Übersichten weiter
  2. You can also write the HTML for your email or template directly in the Code Editor. The split-screen view of the Code Editor allows you to see a real-time preview of your email. You can toggle between a preview of how your email or template appears on a recipient's desktop and mobile phone by clicking either the desktop or mobile phone icons above the content area
  3. Short Link (Direct Image Link) Code for Attribution. Images Similar to Image #267254 Clip art. clip-ar

Bildergalerie » Scammer weiblich / 1. Galerie » Scammer mit Fotos von RPO Eva Lovia! / Fake: Richiel Candy - FB! » Bild Grace6 anzeigen Anzeige des Bildes Grace While the HTML code above can activate the default mail client on the user's computer, the web browser does so by sending a request to the email service provider, not to the specified address. There are a few problems with the mailto: option. For example, it isn't 100% compatible with all browsers, it isn't very user-friendly, and it's impossible to control the formatting of the data when the.

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  1. Auto Fill an Email Subject and Body with an HTML Mailto Link. You can create an HTML mailto email link that will automatically fill in an email subject line when clicked on. Add the following code to your HTML. Click Here to test the auto-fill email link. Many times, you'll find that if you request that a certain word be placed within the.
  2. More HTML Email Tutorials. To take what you've learned to the next level! Check out our Mastering HTML Email learning guide for more tutorials on HTML email templates, email design, coding responsive email, accessibility, marketing, transactional email, email service providers (ESPs), development workflow tips, and more
  3. Free Online HTML Mailto Code Generator. To: Cc: BCc: Subject Body. Link Text
  4. Send an HTML email with embedded image and plain text alternate (Python recipe) HTML is the method of choice for those wishing to send emails with rich text, layout and graphics. Often it is desirable to embed the graphics within the message so recipients can display the message directly, without further downloads
  5. Build responsive email templates confidently. The HTML email framework developed to help you build responsive HTML email templates using the pre-built grid options and basic components you need to build responsive HTML email templates. This HTML email framework support's over 60+ email clients and has been thoroughly tested using Litmus.com
  6. 700+ Free HTML Email Templates. Stripo offers a wide range of free email newsletter templates that are divided into various industries/categories, like types, industries, and seasons. We provide our customers with prebuilt email templates for all types of event-triggered emails, for legal, and business services, promo emails, and many others

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  1. By Ashraf-May 10, 2011-27 comments Email article | Print article . Many people have asked me Ashraf, how do you make the link say what you want when you post those comments?. It is a question that has been asked of me over and over. Therefore, I have decided to write up this simple guide which contain information on how you can use very basic HTML code to enable you to do all the.
  2. So I have this SharePoint Online list with many lookup's to other lists in it, PowerApps form and app for mobile, with Power Automate sending email to some fields on new and modify list item. What I'd like to add to the email is a clickable link to let people open the form. If I go to the list in Sh..
  3. The next screen shows your actual mail server https://web-XXXX.mail.mil/owa however, this link only timeouts. It also times out if you go straight to it. It also times out if you go straight to it

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Additional HTML Email Code. By adding a couple extra goodies onto the email address in href you can have both the SUBJECT and the BODY of the email automatically populated for your visitors. This is great when receiving emails from a website to an email account that handles more mail than just from that one link on your site In the hyperlink editor, you'll be entering your email code into the Link URL text box on the General tab - but we'll get to that in a second. First, you need to figure out who you want this email to send to and what the subject line should be. In this example, we'll have the email send to Miranda miranda@yourcompany.com), bcc the Events Team (eventsteam@yourcompany.com) so they are in.

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Um ein HTML-Dokument direkt in ein HTML-Nachrichtenfenster von Outlook 2013 einzufügen, führen Sie die folgenden Schritte aus: Starten Sie Outlook, und öffnen Sie eine neue Nachricht. Oben im Menüband schalten Sie zum Tab Einfügen und klicken anschließend ganz links auf Datei anfügen. Suchen Sie jetzt die HTML-Datei von Ihrer. 1. Begin Your HTML Email Document. To begin with, it's worth mentioning where I pulled some of the resources from. The lovely 2D icons are by Justicon on Envato Elements; The social media icons are from Metrize Icons; Now, as we discussed in the previous tutorial, you'll need to begin your HTML email template with an HTML doctype, and the correct language for your subscribers Is there any possibility where we can post html code into mailto body template, so that users will aware where to enter comments, where to enter response (after specific label in email). Reply. bricelynszarejko. Permalink to comment # August 15, 2018. How can I insert an image in the body of the email and how to I link text to websites? Reply. Geoff Graham. Permalink to comment # August 15. In HTML, there are various forms of links. In images, there is the src attribute to link the source of an image. For stylesheets, there is the link tag with the href attribute to link the source of a stylesheet. For anchor tags, there is the href attribute to link the referenced section or page. Anchor links are also called hyperlinks Master the mailto Syntax. Let's assume you maintain the official Whitehouse website and need to create mailto links that will make it easy for visitors to reach the president via email. 1. Send an email to Barack Obama (single recipient) 2. Send an email to Barack and Michelle Obama (separate multiple recipients with a comma) 3

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e-mail Link e-mail Link Using A Picture Extra Large Text Font Styles Using An HTML Page On eBay: Link To Another Page Or Picture Change Your Link Color Link To Your Seller Page Make A Picture A Link Misc. HTML Codes Picture In The Location Box Protect your pictures Sounds Sounds You Can Turn On & Off Scrolling Textbox Two Column Table Three. Normally CSS code is placed either in a separate CSS file or in a style tag in the head of the email. This will NOT work in emails. Most email clients (like YahooMail!, Gmail, Hotmail, etc), will remove the head and body tags by default. These clients wont reference external CSS files, because it might interfere with their own CSS coding. We recommend placing your CSS code in-line with your. Create Email with Embedded Link; Iterate Email Headers; Unpack HTML Email to Files; Set the Email Date Header to the Current System Date/Time; Get Email Date/Time; Email Received Header Fields ; Download All Email One at a Time; Secure IMAP over TLS/SSL; OAuth2 GMail IMAP Authentication; Using IMAP IDLE to Wait for Updates; Upload (Append) Email to an IMAP Mailbox; Copy an Email from One. Come back tomorrow, nice Free HTML code! Make your website wonderful with free Script codes. Use them on the source of your pages, in html part. Learn how to use HTML with Jscripts. You have a lot of examples such as : Alerts, pop up, form, links, effects, status changer, Mouse, buttons, Validators, text, Date and time This extra spacing may go unnoticed, unless you have an email template that needs to line up perfectly. To get rid of this extra spacing, just use border-collapse: collapse; embedded or inline. Outlook 2016 Ignores Link Styling if the href Attribute is Missing. Links without href are sometimes included as anchors within an email. If.

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The PHP mail () function is the easiest way to send an email from the code level. You can easily send text and HTML emails using the built-in mail () function in PHP. Generally, the text message is sent via email to the recipient. If you want to send a nice formatted email, HTML content needs to be added to the message body of the email Hallo an alle. Ich habe da mal eine Frage. Wie lautet der HTML Code für eine automatische Weiterleitung auf eine andere Unterseite auf ner Website oder auf eine allgemeine andere Seite. Und wie kann ich die Zeitverzögerung einstellen. Danke im vorraus. Christian.. Good HTML email templates are fairly easy to find these days but digging out good free HTML email templates may be a quite challenging task.Now, while email marketing is still one of the top means for communication with clients which provides probably the most direct contact with your leads (besides a phone call), we couldn't possibly afford to use blah email templates for our campaigns Teams link in an Outlook email signature. Adding a Teams call link to an email signature is very simple and can be done in any email client that supports HTML messages. All you need to do is open your email client (e.g. Outlook) and edit your signature by adding a Teams call link or create a new signature with this link as in the example below. The HTML codes listed on this page are only relevant for designers and developers. If you want to add any of these symbols to FaceBook, Twitter, etc., then you don't need the HTML code. Instead, copy the symbol itself, and paste it where you need it

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HTML - Hypertext Reference (href) A Hypertext Reference ( href) is an HTML attribute of an anchor (link) tag that requires a valid URL in order to properly direct a user to a different location. In other words, this Hypertext Reference is where users will navigate to if they do click on this link. Use the demonstration below as a reference At the end of the tutorial you'll find code for an example web page that includes all 10 tags, so that you can see how to use them. Tags and elements. An HTML tag is a special word or letter surrounded by angle brackets, < and >. You use tags to create HTML elements, such as paragraphs or links On the Email tab, click Select Code. Right-click the selected code and select Copy to copy it to the clipboard. Open an email template or message. Paste the code from the clipboard to the location in your email where you want the button displayed. Troubleshoot problems with pasted HTML code. After you paste the code to your webpage or email. HTML Code for registration form. Here is an example of Registration form using HTML. Here a programmer can display as many Text Field as he/she wants. The name in front of Text Field is called Label. At the end of the registration form their is a ADD button behnd which any desired link can be used. Once clicked it will redirect to that particular destination. Here is an example of.

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The form mail script uses the text box control names to collect and organize the information entered into the form and then sends it off as an email. Most webmasters will only concern themselves with how to render the form using HTML source code and then afterward download and install a ready-made form mail script to process it. There are many. This validator checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc. If you wish to validate specific content such as RSS/Atom feeds or CSS stylesheets, MobileOK content, or to find broken links, there are other validators and tools available. As an alternative you can also try our non-DTD-based validator This tutorial will walk through ways to create HTML buttons that act as links. Free example code download included. Skip to content. Main Menu. Tutorials Menu Toggle. PHP; Javascript; HTML & CSS; SQL; Others; Open Source Menu Toggle. Core Boxx; Contactus; I Was Here; Invoicr; Storage Boxx; Recommendations; eBooks; Search. Search for: Search. 5 Ways To Create HTML Button Links - Simple.

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External links point to web pages that aren't part of our website. Building internal links is important for a few different reasons: Internal links are used to create navigation menus that help website visitors navigate our website. Internal links are used in the text of website content to help website visitors locate related content This form will allow you to encode your e-mail address through the use of Character Entities, transforming your ascii email address into its equivalent decimal entity.Simply enter your regular e-mail address in the first text box, click the encode button, and then highlight and copy the resulting code produced in the second text box. This encoded e-mail address can be read and translated back. Einen Anker in HTML setzen. Sie haben den Anfang eines Textabschnittes, auf den Sie verweisen möchten. Hierzu können Sie den Anker beispielsweise auf die Überschrift setzen. Dies geht mit dem. We have listed the most common code generators. Set up your preferences and easily generate HTML code for iframe, table, link (anchor), list or image. The operation of the site is really intuitive, just highlight a code snippet and copy-paste it in your project. Interact with the panels of the website, try the buttons, sliders or look around in.